ISSN:2320-9151 Impact Factor:3.5

Volume 10, Issue 8, August 2022 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication


Shomope, Adewale A

Self-care and self-orchestration are focal points for transformations in human health. This project presents preliminary investigation and approach towards a physical-virtual technology for stimulating social interactions among and with older adults. It report on set of surveys, and focus groups aiming at understanding the different motivations and obstacles in promoting social interactions. The focus of this research is based on computer-based personal assistance that helps to behave healthy by persuading and guiding older adults. For effective persuasion, the assistant express social behaviors to be trustworthy and show empathy. This research will be develop with a framework that supports of variable exercises as software plugins and persuasion techniques which has dedicated training plan. The exercises can be Instruction-based (how-to instruction in form of Video, audio or text). Each exercise can come with different levels. The exercises are pushed to the system repository. The interface of the system will be design to run under WINDOWS environment with Visual Studio (2015) programming language and the backend will be constructed with SQL.