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Volume 7, Issue 10, October 2019 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Intelligent (I)Mart (NFC Enabled System)PDF

Khaliq Ahmed, Ayesha Raees , Syeda Aatka Saif Qutbi,Hafiza Tayyaba Rizwan , Rabsha Rasheed

NFC is one of the emerging & promising technology that provide, means to short range contactless communication for mobile phones & other devices. It is an interactive technology that permits data to be exchanged between devices located a few centimeters apart such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags & readers. We are introducing our system for hassle-free grocery shopping by empowering the customer to pay bills for the items required in a store by simply using 'NFC enabled Grocery Mobile Application' at the cashier store identify the customer’s cart, quickly and securely user can purchase the grocery by making payment via wallet or E-Commerce.

Fear of Artificial Intelligence on People’s Attitudinal & Behavioral Attributes: An Exploratory Analysis of A.I. PhobiaPDF

Jungmin Kim

This research investigates the interplay of this fear with other latent factors that would potentially influence people’s attitudes and behavior through empirical analysis. A survey consisting of TRI 2.0 with other questions was given to 341 people in Seoul, Korea, and an independent t-test, a correlation analysis, a multiple regression analysis, and a logistic regression analysis were conducted. A t-test showed that there was no group difference when compared demographic backgrounds; however, the optimism about new technology and A.I. phobic inclination differed by two groups--A.I. acceptance. A correlation analysis revealed that SES and A.I. acceptance were correlated; optimism and innovativeness were strongly correlated; and A.I. phobia and A.I. acceptance were negatively correlated. A multiple regression analysis showed that the amount of time using a high-tech device and the optimism can lessen A.I. phobia. Lastly, a logistic regression analysis showed that the optimism and age are influencing the decision to purchase an A.I. featured prod-uct/service.

Javed’s idea of energy matter and lifePDF

Javed Iqbal

Idea depends on following five points 1 Every thing of the universe is made of very small (cannot be seen) capacitor’s like energy packets. 2 It is supposed that energy value of energy packets remains constant. the energy is only changed when they combine in form of equivalent capacitors with one another. 3 Energy packets combine in series to reduce the energy value, high energy packets are attracted towards low energy value and combine in series with them. This creates energy packets of more low energy. This process continues and longer and longer chains of series combinations are formed. In other words gravitation comes into existence and energy turns into matter. 4 Parallel circuits are produced (between series chains of packets) and the energy value is increased. (at the middle of matter formation) 5 The increased value of energy is reduced either by increment in the separation of plates (of energy packets) or by liberation of energy in different forms.


1. Novi Kusumawati, S.H. 2. BurhanudinHarahap, S.H.,M.H.,M.Si.,Ph.D

The present study aimed to find out and to analyze the implementation of cooperative legal entity in BMT (Baitul maalwaTamwil) Alfa Dinar Surakarta Branch Office. The present study was classified ias empirical legal study grounded from primary data obtained during the study in BMT Alfa Dinar. In carrying out its business, BMT faces a problem relating to legality. The problem arises due to the absence of specific regulations regarding BMT. To date, BMT is a financial management institution that is seeking for a form that fits the financial institution regulation system in Indonesia. In regulatory system, this BMT is backed by two economic institution, namely, Micro Financial Institution (LKM) and Saving and Loan Cooperative (KSP). In its practice, BMT use Cooperative as itslegal entity; accordingly, it should adhere to Law on Cooperative. One of the regulations is related to membership. Thus, one of the ways to make membership regulation in Cooperative applicable for BMT is by implementing open principle for BMT, and implementing close principle for the cooperative. This can be done by registering BMT’s prospective customer as a member. In this manner, BMT does not violate the membership principle of cooperative and it satisfies the requirement stated in the regulation of BMT. Therefore, it is necessary to make a specific regulation on BMT to provide legitimacy and legal protection for BMT’s business. Keywords: Legal entity, BMT, Cooperative

Probing the English Language Competencies (ELC) of the Students in the Large Classes at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Naushahro Feroze CampusPDF

Khushbo Nisar Smooro, Javed Iqbal Mirani, Ayaz Ali Jarah, Jameel Ahmed Memon, Saba Nizam Memon

English has become a language that people worldwide desire to learn and speak fluently. The English language is globally recognized as Lingua Franca. Further, it plays a vital role in commerce, technology, politics, trade, and education. Learning English improves different cognitive, speaking, writing, and communication competencies. The diverse competencies have different roles in learning which contribute to student’s personal, and professional benefits. The aim of the study was to investigate the students' English learning competencies in large classes. The questionnaire used to collect quantitative data. Sampling was students of BBA-19, BS (IT)-19, BBA-18 and BS (IT)-18. Sampling consisted of both boys and girls. The total number of sampling was 50. Data were analyzed in MS-Excel 2013 and transcribed in MS-Word 2013. Keywords: English learning, competencies, communication, education, Lingua Franca

Investigating Code-Mixing in the Headlines and Advertisements of Sindhi Newspapers: Perceptions of Editors and ReadersPDF

Sumera Qureshi, Shoukat Ali Lohar, Syed Waqar Ali Shah, Javed Iqbal Mirani

Code-mixing of English in Sindhi language newspapers is common. In Sindhi culture, code-mixing like other; social, literary and linguistic changes is responded differently by people of different mindsets and backgrounds. The current study investigated the phenomenon of code-mixing in the four Sindhi dailies i.e. Daily Kawish, Daily Ibrat, Daily Awami Awaz & Daily Sindh Express, with the aim to do thematic analysis to find out the frequency of occurrence of code-mixing in the headings & ADVTs at the lexical, grammatical and syntactical level. The questionnaire was distributed among 226 participants using a Cluster sampling method to take the perceptions of Sindhi newspaper readers. The quantitative data were analyzed through SPSS. The sample for qualitative data was ten editors of Sindhi newspapers. The data was analyzed in 2 phases using mix- method research. The purposive sampling method was used for the Semi-Structured interview. The qualitative data were analyzed through descriptive thematic analysis by Saldana .J (2013). The findings of the study show that code-mixing has emerged as the new norm in Sindhi dailies. Keywords: Frequency of occurrence of instances, code-mixing, Sindhi newspapers

A Study of Financial Aspects Using the Jet Spinner System in the Textile IndustryPDF

Dr Ir Raden Achmad Harianto MM, Pratiwi Nila Sari, SE, M.Ak. CPA

The objective of the research are to study in comparing of financial aspects between Ring Spinning and Jet Spinner in a study with assumption that the spinning factory is established to meet the standard completely, large size and construction are ideal, and the factory areal is feasible for the instalation of the mechinery with full running. The research was conducted at PT. Argopantes in Spinning factory unit III. Method used in this research is the descriptived Qualitative, the technique of collecting data are observation and interview. The result of the investigations show that A Study of the financial aspects get a profit in Jet Spinning sistem as follows : (1) The Jet Spinner process is more simple than ring spinning, (2) The production is going up, (3) there is the productivity addition and cost down, and (4) the reduction of production cost. Based on the study findings it could be concluded that the Jet Spinner processing improve the efficiency in yarn quality and cost down than the Ring Spinning. Key Word : Study, Finansial Aspects, Jet Spinner, Industry

Electricity Grid Tariff as a tool for Flexible Energy Systems in a PPP ModelPDF

Wais Alemi

This paper intends to elaborate the case of electricity tariffs as a tool for flexible energy systems. Electricity grid tariffs are a lever for reinforcing the coupling of district heating systems to the electricity system and for activating flexibility Energy tariff tools to bring about change in the energy climate in the country. As with many other countries the electricity sector is changing as with growth of renewable energy the emergence of decentral electricity production and improved possibility for extended transmission. Although it is a premature area in Afghanistan but with incorporation of private grids this problem will have near term positive impacts once some modules could be implemented. Incorporating the increased amount of intermittent renewable energy, and other sources combined with imported energy and the option of energy transit requires more flexibility in the electricity system as a whole. Such flexibility can be offered by existing fossil capacity, in particular gas turbines, as well as by new options such as demand side management and storage. The poor investment climate for conventional capacity has led in turn to a policy reaction in several countries among them Afghanistan being one of them, and to be applicable to introduce ‘capacity mechanisms’ that provide incentives to power producers to keep flexible reserves available.

Grid and Off Grid Electrification in Rural AfghanistanPDF

Wais Alemi

This paper will elaborate on a comparative assessment of gird and off grid electrification in rural Afghanistan and suggest ways of mitigation as to what direction should be opted by stakeholders. The brief provided is out experience in the domain and suggests call for action in the area so as ways of mitigation are prepared, and a streamlined plan implemented. Since, there has to be a distinction between government activities and those of the donor agencies—here it will be assessed as an overall scenario to provide for a cohesive approach in dealing with issue of off grid rural electrification. It will form in a way a lesson learned over the last decade of intervention in this area.

A Framework designed for the Medicines classification and its data extraction in data miningPDF


The purpose of the paper is to provide the information about the medicines not being used currently through data mining. It takes the data regarding various medicines into consideration so as to demonstrate the processing of the suggestions to the user based on the searches of the previous users. The system forms the various schemas to fetch the data at ease. While the previously Organizations used the single database to retrieve and fetch the data, making the process slower. Thus this paper put forth the system of the fetching the data at the faster rate and so as to suggest the medicines based upon previous searches to the users using rule based and apriori algorithm.

Digital Marketing: Millennial's Online Buying BehaviorPDF

Geremae Valdez, Gabrielle Medenilla, Ma. Christal Silverio, Karizza Anne Singson

The emergence of technology had brought huge impact towards the society. Coping-up with the fast-paced changes, previous and today's generation are greatly dealing to comprehend or overcome the contemporary world. Through this technology has been, likewise, the leading industry in the business world. Digital Marketing is widely known for it's conveniency, accessibility and less time consuming for everyone. In relation, as consumers utilizes the digital platform, consumers were able to find options and preferences strategically when buying online. This study aims to identify the buying behavior of the students in terms of the digital marketing platform, whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with the convenience, website design or features, time duration of the service, security and experiences of their chosen platform. With the help of the respondents which participated willingly under the College of Business Administration of Polytechnic University of the Philippines-main campus, this study was been successfully conducted.

Implementation of lean techniques for SMART goal Through SWOT analysisPDF

Md. Rabiul Islam, Md. Al Amin, Sayed Tahsin Hossain

All the organization wants to move forward and want to see themselves at a desired position at a fixed at a limited time. So The Organization need to plan and set a SMART goal. SMART is an acronym that can use to guide goal setting. Its criteria are commonly attributed to Peter Drucker's Management by Objectives concept. The first known use of the term occurs in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by George T. Doran. Since then, Professor Robert S. Rubin (Saint Louis University) wrote about SMART in an article for The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. SWOT analysis help to understand the Organization problem at present Situation. There are some lean techniques such as Team work, employees empowerment, employee motivation and training help to reach SMART goal. It is also implementable for every steps of our life.

Factors Effecting Work Functions and Causes time delay to kick electron from material when photon incident on electronPDF

Saddam Husain Dhobi, MD Jahangeer Rangrej

The objectives of this research work is to study the both minute and major factor which play an important role to increase or decrease the work functions of an atom, and effect of these factor on time delay to kick out the electron. The factors may be pressure exerted on atom either pulling or pushing of an atom from external environment, electron-electron, electron-proton, electron-neutron, proton-neutron-electron attraction or repulsion inside the atom, consider atom and surrounding environment like effect of free charge particle, atom, neutral charge and other. These all are the factor which are responsible for work functions of any atoms and time delay to kick out the electron from surface of material. Some of them play minute role while some of them play major role for work functions. The time delay of kick out the electron from surface depend of on the energy of incidence photon on target electron. This delay occur in between valance and conductance band of consider atom or material.


Lago, Angelica A., Nolasco Emie Joy N., Caliwag Gabriel M.

Introduction: This study examined factors influencing the College of Business Administration students’ attitude as consumers towards social media marketing, and on what certain areas can be enhanced to not direct the respondents into misleading consumer buying patterns. The objectives of this study are to answer the following questions: 1. Do the average hours spent on Social Networking Sites by the respondents affect the study? 2. What are the factors that affect the consumers’ attitude toward social media marketing as perceived by College of Business Administration students of PUP Manila? 3. Is there a major factor that affects the consumers’ attitude toward social media marketing as perceived by College of Business Administration students of PUP Manila? 3.1 Attitude 3.2 Perceived Usefulness 3.3 Reliability 3.4 Word of Mouth Quality Methods: This study was conducted on 337 students of College of Business Administration through random sampling. Data were collected by a valid and adapted questionnaire, consisting of four categories: Attitude, Perceived Usefulness, Reliability, and Word-of-Mouth. Collected data sets were analyzed by R Studio software. Results: The survey of the College of Business Administration students of PUP Manila revealed that the major factor influencing their consumer attitude towards social media marketing is Word-of-Mouth with a total of 302 strongly agrees and a mean percentage of 37.19%, followed by Perceived Usefulness with a score of 267 and a mean percentage of 32.18%, then Attitude with 151 and a mean percentage of 18.60%, and lastly Reliability having 92 strong agrees and a mean percentage of 11.33%. Conclusion: The findings indicated that consumers’ attitude is strongly affected by word-of-mouth and that in Facebook, as the main social networking site used by the respondents, College of Business Administration students easily see information that can influence their buying behavior; with a 2.2e-16 greater than the P-value hence rejecting the null hypothesis in favor of the alternative hypothesis.


Toy, Benjamin Danchal

ABSTRACT The research work on “The effects of water stress on the early growth of two common varieties of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) in Adamawa State” was carried out in the FAU/TCP farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Adamawa State University, with the aim of finding out the extend to which these varieties cant tolerate water stress and which variety was more tolerant at the early stages of growth. Bush (Irwin) and Kent varieties of Mango were collected from the FAU/TCP farm. The mangoes were labeled Bush; “B” and Kent; “K”, each was grouped into two; “A” and “B”. The experiment was carried in a screen house under controlled conditions. All the experimental plants received equal treatments, except for water supply which was varied to determine the level of resistance of these plants to water stress. The plants in groups “A” i.e. “KA” and “BA” had varied quantities of water but given at the same time while plants in groups “B” i.e. “KB” and “BB” had the same quantities of water but varying time of watering, the parameters determined were; “Plant Height” and “Number of Leaves”. IBM SPSS was used to analyze the data with the Pearson Correlation at both 0.01 and 0.05 Significant Levels. There were significant changes in both varieties with changes in the quantity of water and time of watering, but the Kent Mango showed more tolerance to water stress hence, people growing Mangoes in areas with little water are advised to grow the Kent variety of Mango.

Thermal image Enhancement and Analysis Techniques of Image ProcessingPDF

V.S.Narayana Tinnaluri, Proof.Dr. Anil Kumar

Image enhancement aims primarily to improve the image quality so that the resulting image is better than the original image for a particular application. Improving the image is the task of implementing certain changes to the input image, such as a visually more pleasant image. Improvement of thermal images in quality control, color and gray photo, issue diagnostics, research and development, risk management programs, Infrared electronic thermal imaging in education, law enforcement and defence. Various improvement schemes are used to improve a gray-scale manipulation image, histogram equalization (HE), fast Fourier transformation, image fusion, and denoise. Improving images is the process of making images more useful. Such causes include highlighting fascinating object detail, eliminating noise from images, making images more visually appealing, enhancing the edge and increasing the image contrast.