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Volume 7, Issue 12, December 2019 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Legal and General perspective of Child AbusePDF

Iqra ikram,Sumaira Malik

God has created every human being with freedom, liberty and blesses them with equal rights to live in the world without any fear. The human rights charter of the United Nations also emphasizes the presence of equal & fair human rights for all. The human charter of the United Nations made maximum emphasize on women's and child rights and their protection level. Both of these creatures are facing several adverse, dangerous and unfavorable environments and scenarios till the life of human beings started on this planet earth. The increase in child abuse trends has persuaded the entire world to make several regulations in this regard. Children are the most sensitive creature of the entire universe. They are a fragile creature of God which are created upon the base of nature and are exempt from all type of mean, hate, biasness, and anger base emotions and feelings as well (Alaggia, 2019).

A review to optical fiber and WDM networkPDF

Bhumika Jain, P Bhoomika, Meghana A S, Chandana J, Hamsaveni M

In today’s generation, high speed internet has become a prime priority. Thus it is necessary to have such system in place that matches this requirement. Optical fiber is a way in which high speed internet can be provided. This paper gives a brief description about its working and various details. We also have mentioned few routing and wavelength assignment methods

Iron-fortification of soybean seeds - effect on phenolic and phtic acid and phosphorous contents and germination rates in soybean sproutsPDF

Theresia Njuabe Metoh 1,2*, Theophilus Nang Wakai 1,3 , Philip FonGah4, Jagna Chmielowska-Bak3.

Background: Iron (Fe) deficiency is considered the most deleterious micronutrient deficiency to plants and human beings especially in developing countries like Cameroon. Fortification of food products is the most effective strategy to combat micronutrient deficiencies in local populations. Soybean (Glycine max (L) Merr) is an agronomic crop with high protein and fatty acid contents utilized all over the world. It is the best vehicle of iron-fortification. Successful fortification of soy seedlings with iron has been reported by many authors. Increase loading of iron into these seeds might alert changes in the seed physiology during germination, disruption of the antioxidant system and changes in the synthesis of other biomolecules. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of iron-fortification of soybean seeds on its early germination, growth, phenolic, and flavonoids phytic acid and phosphorus contents. Materials and method: Soybean seeds were pre-treated with different iron salt concentrations [water (control), 100 and 500mg/l] solution and allowed to grow in the dark , followed by evaluation of changes on germination and growth. Methanolic extract of the seedlings were evaluated for phenolic comtents using Folin-Ciocalteu. flavonoids were measured using iron trichloride colorimetric assay, while phytic acid and inorganic Phosphorus contents were quantified using published spectrophotometric assays. Results: Pretreatment of soybean with Fe did not affect the growth rates of seedlings. However, seedlings treated with 500mg/L Fe enhanced the germination rate after 48 and 72h (16 and 12%, respectively). the phenolic content of sprouted seeds was significantly increased in response to pretreatment with Iron at concentration of 100mg/L after 72 h. However, Fe-supplemented seedlings did not show any significant influence on the flavonoid contents. In addition, Phytic acid contents were decreased in seedlings treated with 500mg/L Fe after 48h germination period. Supplemented seedlings showed an increase in phosphorus contents throughout the germination period in response to iron at concentrations of 500mg/L . Therefore, an incubation of seeds in Fe solution at concentrations of 500 mg/L is a promising method of reducing the phytate, and improving the Phosphorus contents in soybean sprouts. Conclusion: The study suggests that preincubation of soy seeds in iron could increase its germination rate, phenolic and phosphorus contents. Iron at concentrations of 100 mg/L is ideal for the increase of phenolic compounds in soybean seedlings. Iron at concentration of 500mg/L can be recommended as the ideal dose to pre-treat seeds prior to sprouting due to its ability not just to promote seed germination and phosphorus synthesis but also concomitantly reduces the phytic acid contents of soybean seedlings. Therefore, fortifying soybeans with iron solution could be a promising strategy of obtaining enriched sprouts with potentials as a source of natural antioxidants and antiphytates in functional food. Key words; Iron-fortification, soybeans, germination rate, phenolics, phytic acid, phosphorus compounds.

Android-Based Mobile Text-to-Speech Enabled Malaria Diagnosis SystemPDF

Yahaya Mohammed Sani 1 , Ibitoye Emmanuel Olarewaju 2 and Mamman Adamu 3

Android-Based Mobile Text-to-Speech enabled malaria diagnosis system is a research work that is focused on the design and implementation of a text-to-speech enabled medical diagnosis system that is capable of reading out diagnosis process and report to the user of the system in English text/speech or its translation from English to Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba speeches depending on the language option selected by the user. This research is targeted at solving the problem of communication barrier that exist amongst patients who do not have a good understanding of English language experienced when they visit hospital to get diagnosed and treatment for malaria by a doctor or medical expert.

e-Veterinary System for Diagnosis of Viral Infections in PoultryPDF

Yahaya Mohammed Sani, Ukpe Esther Success, Mamman Adamu

Poultry farming in Nigeria is one of the largest growing subsector in the agricultural sector and as such proper medical attention for poultry animals in Nigeria is limited as an average poultry farm experiences minimal and costly specialist attention in regards to the health of their farm animals, hence diseases and viruses such as Newcastle Disease, Avian bronchitis and Avian Influenza (and for the fact that Newcastle and Avian Bronchitis are often mistaken for Avian Influenza because of similarity in sypmtoms) can prove deadly to the farm population. This necessitate the need for a readily available, easily accessible medical health system for the early diagnosis of these deadly poultry dis-eases which has the capability to wipe out herd of poultry birds in a single strike. The system was implemented with Prolog which provides a knowledge base and Java programming language that provides an interactive interface for the user. The system was implemented to help poultry farmers who are out of reach of veterinary health care facilities and services to diagnosis their birds against Avian Influenza, Avian Bronchitis and Newcastle that will help in early detection of the disease, reduce the mortality rate in poultry farming, increase productivity and reduce the risk of the pandemic and boost revenue for the Nigeria economy.

Invertibility of Continuous-variable quantum neural networks based on the Clifford SubsetsPDF

Nikolay Raychev

We provide a symmetry-operator algorithm for designing quantum error correction codes based on the basic properties of the fundamental dynamics of the Clifford system.


Bifatife Adeseye, Elo Ibagere

The mass media in Nigeria have continued to receive the blame for most deviant behaviour among the youths. This is a development that is quite at variance with the functions the mass media are expected to perform. If the media are performing functions that are contrary to expectations, such functions become dysfunctions, and they are against public interest. But the media are expected to protect public interest, yet be free to operate without interference. It is in the light of this that this paper discusses how the media can operate in an atmosphere of freedom while not injuring public interest. The challenge of operating freely and avoiding dysfunctions in such an atmosphere is equally discussed. This culminates in suggestions being made regarding smooth operations of the media without their being dysfunctional. The paper concludes that if appropriate measures are taken, the Nigerian media system will be more efficient in fostering societal development. Key Words: Media, Dysfunctions, Public interest

Mitigating the problem of dispersion in optical fiber communication linkPDF

Ifeoma B. Asianuba, Etumnu M. Chidi

Abstract Dispersion is a major factor that limits the quality of performance of transmitted signal in Fiber optics communication systems. It causes pulse distortion and broadening of transmitted signal which increases the bit error rate and degradation of signal. It also limits the number of channels on an optical fiber link. The purpose of this study is therefore to mitigate dispersion in an optical communication link. A design model was proposed which involve the combined use of Dispersion compensation fiber, Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) to compensate for the dispersion. The model was designed and simulated with Optisystem software version 7.0. The designed model performance was evaluated and analyzed at 2.5Gb/s in a single channel optical communication system at 25km, 50km, 100km, 200km and 500km transmission distance. The model performance was also analyzed in a Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) four (4) multiple channels for the same transmission distances. For each case, the Signal power, Q- factor, Eye Height, Optical Signal to Noise Ratio (OSNR) and Bit Error Rate (BER) were parameters used to evaluate the performance analysis of the systems after signal propagation. Simulation results show that increase in communication distance is directly proportional to increase in dispersion in the optical communication network; however, the model is efficient in both single and multiple channels when compared with a communication system without compensation. Also, from the result the model is more efficient in single channel communication system in terms of performance when compared with the multiple channels system.

Leadership Approaches During Digital Transformations in Small and Medium EnterprisesPDF

Justin Goldston, PhD

Organizational leaders have increasingly turned to enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, also known as decision-support systems, to make their firms’ operational, tactical, and strategic processes more efficient and effective in the changing global marketplace. High failure rates in ERP systems implementations make these projects risky, however. Most prior research on critical success factors for conventional ERP implementation has been on large enterprises, resulting in a gap in knowledge on these factors in the small and medium enterprises that constitute the majority of U.S. employer firms. A qualitative modified Delphi study with an expert panel of U.S. manufacturing consultants and three iterative rounds of data collection and analysis revealed consensus on 8 critical success factors in ERP implementations, with the highest agreement on top management support and commitment, enterprise resource planning fit with the organization, quality management, and a small internal team of the best employees. In addition to furthering knowledge in the fields of leadership and enterprise applications, the study expands enterprise resource planning experts’ and scholars’ understanding of strategies to improve project success and the triple bottom line for any size enterprise in the manufacturing industry. Practitioners in the ERP industry can also apply approaches outlined during ERP implementations to mitigate risk during these engagements. Implications for positive social change include additional job opportunities and higher wages through increased efficiencies in ERP applications.

A Review of Wearable Computing Emotional IntelligencePDF

Muhammad Saleem, Mirza Naveed Jahangeer Baig

wearable computing is surprising enlisting growing exponentially. It is astounding mankind with extraordinary progressions, awesome technologies and wearable computing devices. These devices are helping man to manage their everyday work. These devices not only helping man to deal with their consistent work but they can also recognize human behavior and respond to acceptable attitudes. Wearable computing is Ubiquitous plan to serve humanity. Emotional Intelligence EI has a solid committed association with wearable computing. The human can offer guidelines to wearable devices and through his faculties and devices will execute these directions through exceptionally delicate sensor and detectors. . Distinctive strategies are procedures are explained in this paper that shows the role of emotions in computing how instructions pass to different wearable devices. These devices are developed to perform explicit assignments that utilization processing and continue human life. Various new devices are introduced that can empower mankind and perform each day errands with brand new ideas


Muhammad Zahid Rahman Khan

In Lahore, almost all the working occupants in office buildings face the problem of indoor CO2 air pollution due to the less ventilated working environment and lack of quality ventilation systems. The main objective of this scientific paper is to collect CO2 measurements on different points of indoor spaces in the research site, analyze the collected results and suggest solutions to the minimization of CO2 molecules between 600 ppm and 800 ppm. The selected research site was the third-floor indoor spaces of the Head Office of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) in Lahore, Pakistan. For measuring CO2 indoors, AZ 7752 CO2 meter was used in all the office spaces and working spaces except in circulation spaces for conducting CO2 assessment, which was the main research method. CO2 assessment was done by noting down CO2 readings on A3 blowups of the different portions of SNGPL third floor plan. The collected results have shown that in research site’s regularly occupied office spaces, carbon dioxide levels were ranging from 1295 ppm to 3216 ppm. There is a need to conduct indoor CO2 assessment on weekly basis with CO2 meters for controlling IAQ and install quality HVAC system or displacement ventilation or equivalent system with high exhaust airflow rate and high ventilation efficiency according to the occupancy level of rooms in office buildings for ensuring minimum CO2 levels between 600 ppm and 800 ppm.

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Ethiopian Amharic Movie Entitled ‘Teza’PDF

Daniel Mengistie Yimer

This research intends to analyze an Ethiopian Amharic Movie called ‘Teza’ using the theory of critical discourse analysis (CDA). The rationale behind choosing this movie for the study is that it is suitable to identify critically the social, political, and ideological situations presented in them. Again, as far as the researcher knows this thing is not well studied by the existing academic publications. Hence, narrowing such a knowledge gap is what initiated the researcher to conduct a study on it. Therefore, the general objective of the study is to interpret and analyze critically the discourses in this selected Amharic movie, ‘Teza’. To this end, the researcher employed a qualitative research method. Besides, secondary sources of data were used. Audio and video information, books, articles, and journals were also employed as a secondary method of data collection. Building on a critical discourse analysis, the study is interested to reveal out what is unsaid part in the work such as ideology, power, and institutional norms and so on. One of the findings of the study revealed that explain critical discourse analysis of the movie’s ‘Teza’. Extracts were also taken from the movie to back up the judgments of the researcher. This paper can provide a brief yet helpful review on CDA and its major models. In using the three figures perspective of CDA, the paper identified different hidden power, ideology, institutional norms, values, belief, culture and mental model of the society that are reflected in ‘Teza’.