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Just like other enactments the Nigerian customs and excise management Act is not an exception, as breaches therein are punishable. This is undertaken by way of prosecuting the offenders of CEMA. This paper therefore focuses on the different proceedings as provided under the CEMA. The jurisdictional provisions in relation to the courts to try customs offences is considered, and it is found that the practice where the criminal cases under CEMA are only prosecuted at the Federal high court seems to be misapplied. The relevant sections of CEMA and the Federal High Court Act is considered and we came to the conclusion that it is desirable that the criminal cases ought to at first instance be tried at the magistrate courts as in some other jurisdictions.

Student performance analysis for better careerPDF

Monisha.T.P, Dr.B.Sreepathi

A college student’s life can be primarily categorized into domains such as education, health, social and other activities which may include daily chores and travelling time. Time management is crucial for every student. A self-realization of one’s daily time expenditure in various domains is therefore essential to maximize one’s effective output. This paper presents how a mobile application using Fuzzy Logic and Global Positioning System (GPS) analyses a student’s lifestyle and provides recommendations and suggestions based on the results.

About the Dichotomy Nature Culture and the prohibition of Incest in the Work of Claude Lévi- Strauss.PDF

Charles - henri Batjoens

About the Dichotomy Nature Culture and the prohibition of Incest in the Work of Claude Lévi- Strauss. Study focused by the dualism Nature/Culture and his antynomic's basements about the Social Paradigm of Exchange !

About Totems, Simultaneity and Alternatively thinking's modes used by Natives in the rows of Eponymous Emblems of Clans and in the Kinship's social Organisations. (21)PDF

Charles - Henri Batjoens

Study about the Dichotomy Nature /Culture: I try to explain the display of the totemism settlements between the Eponymous species of animals or plants by Simultaneity and Alternatively Thinking's modes used by Natives in the rows of Kinship's social Organisations ! This is a human fact that the discontinuity and systems of continuity of human thought are Concepts concerning the logical - classificatory Totemic thinking's systems: point of vue denyed and considered like pseudo - totemism emitted by the Professeur Claude Lévi - Strauss. For me, the simultaneity and the alternatively thinking's modes used by Natives about their kinships systems and about their collective mythical's representations of the World nuance strongly the structuralist position like theory by Claude Lévi- Strauss..!

Study on Yarn Density and Net Winding RatePDF

Mohammad Mobarak Hossain, Jahid Khan, Md. Fahim Faisal Shishir and Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Winding is the process prior to war preparation during weaving. Cone winding is very important before warping and for weft inser-tion in modern loom. Constant rate of winding with the increase of diameter by traversing is the most important task in this type of cross winding. This study is done to know the change of net winding and yarn density during winding with time and yarn properties specially extension at break. Here, three different yarns are used and marked as white, red and olive to understand the result. This shows significant effect of winding time and yarn extension at break percentage on net winding rate and yarn density of yarn pack-age. Other properties of yarn found no significant effect on them.

Epidemiology and Etiology of Hepatocellular carcinoma with reference to prevalence, treatment and future burden of HCVPDF

Mzubair Zubairm

Hepatitis is tenderness of the liver fabric. Some human beings have no sign of illness or problem since others enroot yellow blotch of the skin and whites of the eyes, poor appetency, vomiting, tiredness, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. HCV is one of the most ordinary blood-borne defilement. Fundamental liver cancer is the fifth most ordinary global cancer and the third most common aagent of cancer deadliness.

An Investigation into Web Services: A case of an Online Reservation SystemPDF

Derick Wasonga Jabuto Odemba

Distributed computing has been around for a while now. However, it is only after the explosion of the internet that the desire by businesses to integrate their business functions became really feasible. This study seeks to explore one of the modern technological implementations of distributed systems, the web services. The study will look at the motivation for the evolution of computer based information systems from data oriented to service oriented architectures. More specifically, it will investigate how web services have been used in the hospitality industry. The research efforts of this study will culminate in the development of an online reservation system that can be used as a web service by other service providers in the hospitality industry. Considerable amount of time will be devoted to understanding the technologies used in building web services. However, identifying business benefits that firms can derive from implementing web services is also an important objective of the project. Finally, this study will be restricted to Simple Objects Access Protocol (SOAP) rather than Representational State Transfer (REST) based web services. The rationale for this is that SOAP is supported by well developed World Wide Consortium (W3C) standards besides having rich software libraries and toolkits. Other than that, the difference between the two web service technologies is very small. Key words: Distributed systems, Web Services, Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Simple Objects Access Protocol (SOAP), Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI).

Impact of Government Expenditures on Economic Growth: Case of NepalPDF

Sandip Paudel, Anil Rasaili

This paper aims to explore the impact of government expenditure on the economic growth of Nepal. To attain this purpose, annual time series data for the periods between financial years 1974/1975 to 2017/2018 were tested using Johansen Cointegration approach, Vector Error correction model, Granger Causality test. The result showed the long-run relationship exists between government expenditure and economic growth. And also found a short-run relationship between the variables in Nepal. On the other hand, it was found strong evidence for no causality between individual levels of each variable. However, unidirectional causality was found from current expenditure and capital expenditure, without any causality between other variables. These results suggest both current and capital expenditure should be utilized simultaneously for the growth of the economy in Nepal.

Optical fiber Wired LAN Ethernet Network with opnet Software.PDF

Dr.Nitish Meena

Abstract:- As already studied about cable Local Area Network having no wire LAN networks. Both these types of networks have their own importance means own advantages and disadvantages. Wired Local Area Network has different hardware requirements and range and benefits are different. On the other hand wireless Local Area network takes in to consideration the range, the quality of moving freely and the many type of hardware components needed to establish a having no wire network. In this paper comparative analysis of wired and wireless LAN network has been studied means the quality of service (QoS) for both the networks has been estimated by using OPNET as software tool.

Linear High Gain Dual Band Notch Scanning Beam Circularly Polarized Electronically Steerable Smart Antenna Array for 2.4 GHz W-lan and 5.8 GHz UHF RFID Reader Application Without any Central Null using Buttler-Matrix Beam-former Formulation.PDF

Joyanto Roychoudhary

Abstract: An antenna Array is subjected to the same measurable parameters as any antenna but these parameters change as the array is scanned. In other words, we can say that the array characteristics become a response to the periodic environment and the resulting array parameters have to be determined as a function of scan. As far as the individual isolated elements in the array are concerned, they behave very differently when embedded in an array, still the elements determine the array polarization, fundamental bandwidth and gross features of the array radiation pattern and the inter-element mutual-coupling within the array lattice. The only condition imposed by the array is that the spacing between the elements need to be small enough to avoid the grating lobes or “blindness”. In this paper we propose a circularly polarized scanning beam array which has dual band notching characteristics in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz range. This array is able to scan the whole 0-360° of angular space providing enormous spacio-temporal angular diversity and has a high gain of over 15dBi. The axial ratio has been plotted as a function of frequency in the X-band (8-12 GHz) and it has been found that the array provides an axis ratio of 1:2(major axis=0.8; minor axis=0.4) i.e. Perfect polarization ellipse at 5.8 GHz. Also the array is able to notch two different frequencies for “WLAN” as well as “UHF RFID Reader” application in the 2.4 and 5.8 GHZ band. At the end of the paper a Buttler Matrix formulation of a Multi-Beam Beam Former Array is carried out and simulated. Simulation Results substantiate with experimental and theoretical outcomes.


Ae Mon Kyaw, Tin Tin Sein, Myint Myint Khaing, Yi Yi Myint4

ABSTRACT Nowadays, people are facing many waste issues in their environments, such as vegetable wastes, solid wastes, water waste, sedimentation wastes and bio wastes. Among them, this research extracted organic fertilizers from natural solid waste materials.. A series of production of four different conditions of organic compost fertilizers was carried out by the use of vegetable wastes, chicken dung, peanut meal cake and other organic materials were collected from the local markets and then, prepared EM solutions was added with lime and without lime conditions under aerobic and anaerobic digestion methods. Moreover, the nutritive values, pH, moisture content, organic carbon contents and organic matter were measured by AOAC and Walkey Black method whereas the elemental content of each composite fertilizer under four different conditions was analyzed by EDXRF (Energy Dispersive X Ray Fluorescence) method. According to the EDXRF analysis and nutritive valuesmeasurement, prepared organic fertilizers without lime had the highest contents of organic carbon and organic matter that would be one of the confirmations indicating the good quality of prepared composite fertilizers which are reliable to be used as a natural safely organic fertilizer for human health. Key words: organic fertilizer, composite, solid waste, EDXRF, nutritive values


Santosh Kandel

This paper aims to analyze the performance of the commercial banks using CAMEL framework and analyze their performance on an average basis with selected samples. The financial sectors have always been the economic drive of Nepal holding large share market of the country. The good performance of the financial institutions must for the strong and growing economy. Therefore, this research paper makes an analysis of the variables of the CAMEL framework to find the important factors influence the commercial bank’s performance. The data analysis reveals that the main factor affecting both ROA and ROE are earning quality and rest capital adequacy, assets quality and liquidity have moderating influence on the performance of banks. The management efficiency shows minimal impact on the ROA and ROE as per the findings. The factors that were selected for this research paper may have minimal influence but other factors of the management may have a direct influence on the performance of the banks.

Investigate the Effect on Yield Response of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) to Different Sowing Dates: A Case Study of District Vehari, Punjab, PakistanPDF

Dr. Ghulam Sarwar, Dr. Saeed Ahmad, Mr. Khalid Mahmood , Mr. Kamran Javed , Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti & Mr. Basharat Javed

Cotton occupies large area for cultivation in Pakistan and major part of Pakistan’s economy depends upon the import export of raw cotton as well as cotton by products and goods. This study was conducted to determine the effects of different sowing dates on seed cotton yield in cotton during 2016-17 at Cotton Research Station, Vehari, Pakistan. Plant biomass was affected significantly by different sowing dates, however late sowing was not significant. Overall the seed cotton yield of VH-369 was greater (10190 kg ha-1) in the plots sown on 1st March as compared to lowest seed cotton yield of VH-Gulzar (344kg ha-1) recorded in the plots sown on 1st June. Hence for getting the maximum seed cotton yield, the crop should be sown on 1st March to 16th March with plant spacing of 20 cm under the agro-climatic conditions of Vehari, Pakistan. This sowing period is criti-cal to insect pest attack (especially pink boll worm) for some previous years to avoid from the saviour loss rec-ommended sowing date is 1st April to 16 April. Keywords : Gossypium hirsutum, Genotypes, Sowing Date, RCBD, Seed Cotton Yield.


Ani Ime. F.1, Ajuzie Nnenna.C.1, Adeoye Bolade.K.1, Ngozi Elizabeth.O., 1 Akinlade, A.R., 1 Oludiran Oluwatomisin.O.1

Complementary foods are necessary for the infants around the first six months of life to avoid growth faltering, single plant based feed are insufficient in some micro nutrients hence multi grain food .The aim of this study was to produce a complementary food from multi- mixed grains. African Yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) Maize (Zea mays), Millet (Pennisetum glaucum) and Groundnut (Arachis hypogea). The formulated blends were produced in three different samples and each of them was analysed for its Proximate, Mineral, Anti- nutrient and Sensory properties. The samples included; sample A (50% Corn, 40 Millet, 5% African yam bean and 5% Groundnut), sample B (40% Corn, 40% Millet, 10% African yam bean and 10% Groundnut), sample C (100% Corn). Sample B had the highest energy, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate Magnesium, Iron and alkaloid content 414.00±0.00, 11.33±0.58, 9.00±0.00, 80.79±2.86, 95.67±0.58, 4.33±0.56, 4.00±0.00 and had lowest moisture content 3.080±0.58. Zinc was 2.00±0.00 in all the samples. Sample C had the highest phytate 5.00±0.00. Sensory evaluation was done by comparing the samples with Cerelac infant formula, Sample B which contained (40% Corn, 40% Millet, 10% Groundnut and 10% African yam bean) was the closest to Cerelac infant formula, it is therefore recommended as a suitable complementary food.

Socioeconomic Benefits of Space Technology for AfricaPDF

Yeshurun Alemayehu

Africa is the world's second largest and second most populated continent next to Asia. When we compare Africa’s land surface area, it is more than the USA, India, China and Europe put together but facing under-investment in space technology. Space technology is a vital tool to overcome socioeconomic threats for developing countries; however, the existing serious challenges in ensuring adequate provision of basic necessities, such as food, shelter, a clean and healthy environment, and proper education, for its growing population makes Africans not to use efficiently the benefits of space technology. By now Africa is awakening to use space technology as a tool to escape from its socioeconomic threats. In this report, summary of Africa’s effort and challenges to use space technology is presented.

Spatial Distribution Of Malaria Epidemiology Geographic Information System GIS In Kass Zone, South Darfur State-SudanPDF

Hussien Eltom Hassan, Yong Bin

Malaria remains one of the most threatening diseases that caused by parasites and it transmitted to human beings through the inflamed mosquito’s bites that referred to as female Anopheles. It is far the endemic disease in the public health classes in Sudan. As much as in Africa and regard the world. Most of the population at risk of malaria fever, which includes citizens, nomads, and immi-grants from neighboring endemic countries in addition to farmers and workers. The purpose of this study is to understand the change within the spatial distribution of malaria disease in Kass nation, South Darfur, Sudan by the year 2005–2008. The data for the study collected from the Malaria and Neglected Diseases-Ministry of Health, South Darfur-Sudan and processed analyzed using Geo-graphic Information System GIS aided with other computer programs. Digital maps illustrate the spatial distribution changes for seven years of malaria in six sectors of South Darfur State according to eight parameters. These parameters are Annual Blood Examination Rate ABER, Incidence Rate IR, Fatality Rate FR, and plasmodium falciparum Pf%. It clearly appears the change in the spatial distribution of malaria within a 7-year period, regarding the digital mapping of infections in South Darfur State.


Mohammed Bien M. Kulintang, MAN, RN, LPT

KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE, AND PRACTICES OF MAGUINDANAON MOTHERS ON CHILD'S IMMUNIZATION IN SELECTED BARANGAYS IN PIKIT, NORTH COTABATO Abstract Immunization primarily aims to significantly decrease morbidity and mortality rates among children worldwide. However, there are several factors that could somewhat hinder its completion and compliance which includes the available resources, knowledge, attitude, and practices of mothers as well as cultural diversity. Acknowledging that cultural diversity has also an effect in healthcare delivery system thus it must be taken into consideration by healthcare professionals. In this regard, the researcher took into consideration culture specific investigation of the phenomenon specifically the Maguindanaon Tribe which could somehow pave the way in strengthening the advocacy of transcultural nursing. This study employed a descriptive-correlation and comparative research design which was conducted in the three (3) selected barangays of the Municipality of Pikit, North Cotabato. The respondents of this study were the selected ninety (90) Maguindanaoan mothers who have child/children ages 5 years old up to 10 years old which were selected through a purposive random sampling method. A self-made survey questionnaire was utilized by the researcher and had undergone validity and reliability testing utilizing the Cronbach alpha with values of the following: knowledge – 0.7874; attitude – 0.8095 and practices – 0.7522) which denoted high reliability. Frequency, percentage, mean, Spearman rho, ANOVA, and independent t-test were the statistical tools used in this study. The result showed that the level of Knowledge is significantly associated with immunization compliance to hepatitis B and DPT whereas, the level of practices is significantly associated with immunization compliance on hepatitis B. OPV, DPT and Measles. Significant difference was noticed with regards to civil status and attitude; occupation and attitude and practices; and educational attainment and knowledge, attitude, and practices and significant differences on immunization compliance were observed with civil status and hepatitis B, OPV, and measles; area of delivery and hepatitis B, DPT, and measles; occupation and hepatitis B, OPV, DPT, and measles; and educational attainment and hepatitis B, OPV, and measles.

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