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Volume 10, Issue 4, April 2022 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

The logical theory of relativity: For moving a body at the speed of lightPDF

Sahib Dino

Literally in this publication, relativity between speed and pressure at constant body temperature has been mentioned clearly by this theory. In this theory, almost these all data sets were collected by observing the nature. It was examined by this publication that at constant body temperature, as speed of the body would be increased by applying more real pressure on the body then in result, during the motion high effect of external atmospheric pressure would be hypothesized by that body as high imaginary pressure. Definitely imaginary pressure is combined effect of external atmospheric pressure + real pressure it means Pi=PE+PR. Indeed, main objective reason to study it is to know that; How much real pressure would be required to move a body at the speed of light at constant body temperature but above the sea level at 100km altitude, where external atmospheric pressure is assumed to be zero (0)? Finally, it is concluded that by using this equation: V1/Pi1=V2/Pi2, any unknown value can be calculated easily by a person if some values are already given. Therefore, it means this equation and along with that also(Pi=PE+PR) would be assistant to answer the above question.

The ills of IPOB sit at home and it’s Implication on the Economy of the South-East Geo-Political zone of NigeriaPDF

Mark Kingsley Chinonso, Obi Chinenye Blessing

Abstract The continued observance and obedience to ill may one day resort to institutionalizing ill as a legitimate approach and practice of the people as against the age-known legitimate norm, practice and character of the people. This explains the IPOB sit at home and its adverse effect on the economy of the south-east geo-political zone of Nigeria visa-a-viz her economic development. Hence this paper examines the effect of the ills of IPOB sit at home and it’s implication on the economy of the South-east geo-political zone of Nigeria. However, as its objective the paper examined the nature of the IPOB sit at home, the extent at which the IPOB sit at home is affecting the economy of the south-east geo-political zone of Nigeria. The study is based on secondary sources of data which comprises of internet materials, magazines, newspaper publications, and journal articles. While relying on content analysis and the Relative deprivation theory as its framework of analysis, the paper identified that IPOB as a group is currently shooting the south-east zone and other areas within its loyalty on the leg, which may sooner or later crumble the economy of these areas. The paper recommends among others that dialogue is a tangible tool that will go a long way in melting the heart and mind of the presidency, which will yield a fruitful result than the sit-at home.

The Key Factors of multidimensional Advertising TrendsPDF


Advertising is multidimensional. It is a form of mass communication, a powerful marketing tool, a component of the economic system, a means of financing the mass media, a social institution, an art form, an instrument of business management, a field of employment and a profession. Matrimonial, recruitment, tenders, classified, notices and public announcements are also examples of advertisements. Advertising is a career for many. It is getting professionalized. Competition, growing marketing expenses, product failures, liberalization, globalization and the emergence of new electronic media have given an impetus to advertising activity. Be it Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Publicity or even Public Relations, advertising plays a significant role in reaching out to the selected target audience.

Comparative Study of Manachers’s Algorithm and Palindromic TreePDF

Rohaan Advani, Mohit Zanwar, Varun Taneja

Finding a palindromic substring is one of the most trivial string-based pattern recognition algorithms. Given a String, the Manacher’s Algorithm provides a method to find the longest palindromic substring in linear time. The Palindromic Tree is an interesting Data Structure invented by Mikhail Rubinchik which solves this problem in a simpler way. The paper attempts to give an insight into the working of both the approaches to find the longest palindromic substring.