ISSN:2320-9151 Impact Factor:3.5

Volume 10, Issue 5, May 2022 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication


Dr. Efosa-Ehioghiren, Augustina Izehiuwa & Iwenanogie, Augusta Obosa

This study examines social parental factors predisposing depression among undergraduates of public universities in Edo State. Four objectives as well as research questions and hypotheses were formulated in line with the objectives of the study. The cross sectional survey research design was used in the study. The population consists of 23,798 students in the 2018/2019 academic year. Specifically, 10,204 students were sampled from Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma while 13,594 students from University of Benin respectively. 12 students were randomly selected from 22 departments’ respectively. The hypotheses formulated were tested with Descriptive statistics (percentages, cross-tabulations, mean and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (independent sample t- test, Pearson correlation coefficient, and ANOVA using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20.0 software package. The study reveals that there is significant difference in the prevalence of depression among undergraduates students of public Universities in Edo State in their social parental determinant, socio-demographic characteristics of undergraduates of public Universities in Edo State. The study concluded that there is no doubt that mental illness among university student ends with negative consequences on individual, family, and community and recommended among other that Counseling and preventive mental health services should be an essential part of the routine investigation of undergraduate students. Along with this, actions should be taken to encourage the students to seek help on exposure to depression

Development of a Robotic System for Automatic Wheel Removal and FittingPDF

Oladipupo Gideon Gbenga

This paper discusses the image processing and computer vision algorithms for real time detection and tracking of a sample wheel of a vehicle. During the manual tyre changing process, spinal and other muscular injuries are common and even more serious injuries have been recorded when occasionally, tyres fail (burst) during this process. It, therefore, follows that the introduction of a robotic system to take over this process would be a welcome development. This work discusses various useful applicable algorithms, Circular Hough Transform (CHT) as well as Continuously adaptive mean shift (Camshift) and provides some of the software solutions which can be deployed with a robotic mechanical arm to make the task of tyre changing faster, safer and more efficient. Image acquisition and software to accurately detect and classify specific objects of interest were implemented successfully, outcomes were discussed and areas for further studies suggested.


Oladipupo Gideon Gbenga

Traditional robots have rigid links and structures that limit their ability to interact with the dynamics of their immediate environment. For example, conventional robot manipulators with rigid links can only manipulate objects using specific end effectors. These robots often encounter difficulties operating in unstructured and highly congested environments. A variety of biological organisms exhibit complex movement with soft structures devoid of rigid components. Inspired by biology, researchers have been able to design and build soft robots. With a soft structure and redundant degrees of freedom, these robots can be used for delicate tasks in unstructured environments. This review discusses the motivation for soft robots, their design processes as well as their applications and limitations. Soft robots have the ability to operate in unstructured environment due to their inherent potential to exploit morphological computation to adapt to, and interact with, the world in a way that is difficult with rigid systems. Soft robots could be used for operations, ranging from search and rescue operations in a natural disaster relief effort, and of emerging interest is in the field of medical care as seen in personal robots.


Oladipupo Gideon Gbenga

Liquid State Machine (LSM) is a neural model with real time computations which transforms the time varying inputs stream to a higher dimensional space. The concept of LSM is a novel field of research in biological inspired computation with most research effort on training the model as well as finding the optimum learning method. In this review, the performance of LSM model was investigated using two learning method, online learning and offline (batch) learning methods. The review revealed that optimal performance of LSM was recorded through online method as computational space and other complexities associated with batch learning is eliminated.

Zaman Giant EquationsPDF

Maher Ali Rusho

Abstract: Equations! The one word that can describes everything . It is a real world magic . One can just feel it but can’t touch ,can’t talk . All equation already exists in nature , but you have to discover it to see it’s beauty , it’s purity . But this tiny baby like things can also be very harmful . Like E=MC2 . this one equation 2 millimeter in size can destroy the whole nature, you will see some beauty unique series equation that I have discovered throughout this paper . Some ideal series where infinity become friend with finite and become a superposition with finite-Infinite euler series . I am going to dedicate this paper in the fate of my grand-father Mr.Zaman a successful school teacher in his career and a successful father who told me if I become a professional scientist he will give me his half property as a gift . But I think I deserve his full property !!!!!!

Perception of MSU – Buug Nursing Students on the Importance of Entrepreneurship and Business MarketingPDF

Rohamina D. Omar; Krizzia Mae L. Pailden; Sheirweena D. Sheik; Lovely P. Tantan; Christa Queen G. Tutas; Abdani D. Bandera; and Arsub Varquez, Jr

Nursing tasks and responsibilities are always changing as a result of advances in medical science, governmental directives, and shifts in priorities within health care, as well as, breakthroughs resulting from nursing and scientific research. As such, nursing care needs to change because of the aging population, the rise in chronic diseases, and rising costs. Therefore, there is a demand for entrepreneurial nurses to maintain and promote individual care [4]. The present study utilized the descriptive research method using questionnaire adapted from Liñán & Chen (2009) and Mosly (2017). The study covered the nursing students of the Mindanao State University-Buug Campus. The result revealed that the majority of nursing students value entrepreneurship and are motivated to start their own business in the future. This major finding conves the need of entrepreneurship education to be taught at all levels of higher education institutions. Hence, institutions must consider entrepreneurial education seriously because it increases students' entrepreneurial attitudes.