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Volume 10, Issue 6, June 2022 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Growth, Yield and Return on Investment (ROI) of Green Onion (Allium fistulosum) as Affected by Different Organic FertilizersPDF

Chona B. Nisnisan, Shainah Jann A. Ohuman and Abdani D. Bandera

The study titled “Growth and Yield Response of Green Onion (Allium fistulosum) as Affected by Different Organic Fertilizers”, under the prevailing soil and climatic conditions of Datu Panas, Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay was laid out using Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. The objective of the study is to determine the growth and yield of Green Onion as affected by dif-ferent organic fertilizers on the growth and yield parameters. The results for analysis of variance for the average growth and yield in first, second, third data gathering, average number of leaves, and average number of clumps per plot per treatment application showed that the computed f level values were all lesser than the tabulated f of 5% and 1% which means that there were no significant differences. But, as for the analysis of variance on the average growth in the fourth data gathering, average plant height, average weight and total weight per plot per treatment application, the results showed that there is a significant effect as it shows that the computed f is greater than tabulated f 5% and 1%. Based on the findings, the researchers came up with the following recommendation: the adaption of T3: obtained the highest average growth in fourth data gathering, acquired the average height, weight in grams and total weight in grams per plot per treatment. Chicken dung obtained the highest return on investment with 197.46 percent and also noted with highest net income.


Alex L. Señara, D.M.

Employee motivation brings an impact on organizational productivity considering that the institution being studied was found to provide the necessary requisites starting from safety mandate down to the benefits needed for every employee. When it comes to motivating employees, the management is so concerned with putting on top of every situation. Management knows the consequences of labor turnover and hence, keeping people is far better than hiring a new one. The overall assessment of the employee being surveyed were both enthusiastic and manifested that they possess a good working relationship with their co-workers. Due to the uncertainties, continuing adjustments are needed for every business organization to be able to stay in active, and at the same time, keeping potential and talented employees is a must. In the business context, a combination of employee participation practices such as delegation and consultation and employee compensation can be a unique idea and methodology that could help organizations to achieve success, and employee retention is considered as the heart of every organizational stretch. Finding is somewhat favorable to the company since employees show a positive response in terms of employee performance. The degree of competition is always challenged by the changing environment and the imposition of the quality system is considered the stronghold for every business to stay on top. The overall findings are somewhat favorable to the firm and employees do not find difficulty working with the organizations they are in suggests that management should maintain a clear leadership and communicate to workers their long-term goals so that employees will be well informed. They should be open to ideas from the rank and file considering that since they are on the business front lines, their contribution is very beneficial for the future management agenda as a basis for improvement

Detection of Phishing Websites Using Data MiningPDF

Prof.A. A. Barbind, Dipak Pangavhane, Shivani Magar, Sakshi Navale, Subodh Jadhav

Recently many Cyber attacks have increased because of growing use of internet. Among all this the well-known cyber threat we find increasing day by day is phishing attacks. Phishing is where the victim’s credentials are obtained by an illegitimate website. The aim of these phishing websites is to acquire confidential information about username, password and banking credentials of the victim. Phishing websites look similar to the illegitimate website so the user can’t differentiate among them. This paper proposes a system which will detect old as well as newly generated phishing URLs that have completely no past behaviors to judge upon, using Data Mining. The main objective of this system is to develop a Chrome browser plugin that detects phishing sites in real-time while the user browses the page. The model will be trained with exhaustive dataset so that we can assure maximum accuracy.