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Volume 9, Issue 12, December 2021 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

To find the presence of or the percentage of Anti-streptococcus antibodies in Obsessive compulsive disordered symptomatic patients who have The chronic mild fever history and to compare their various variables with their causation.PDF

Dr, Mohammad Umar Marri, Dr jalaluddin Rumi Dr Shoaib Kashani, Miss Hina Marri, and Mr Idrees Marri.

Abstract, Back Ground; Generally the Streptococcus Group A beta hemolyticus infection can causes a number of infections by different kinds of the pathogenic mechanisms in general population, ranging anywhere from it’s direct involvement of streptococcal skin infections to the Rheumatic valveoler heart diseases up to the brain damage such as encephalitis and PANDAS, Aim. patients who have the OCD symptoms, and history of low grade fever, in the presence of with or without any obvious causes, or if any cause found, after treating it, and both, after their general physical and systemic examinations checked were included in this study. Results. Out of the 100 cases examined the 57%OCD case of foundpositive(meaning antibodies levels has more than 200 iu is set for positive results.) For the presence of the streptococcal antibodies.(16) No sign cant p value relation/.while by others see below as:- But of 311 individuals, 222 (71%) had evidence of group A streptococcal infection, which was associated with tics and/or OCD status (p=0.0087). Sera from individuals with tics and/or OCD (n=261) had evidence of elevated serum IgG antibodies against human D1R (p<0.0001) and lysoganglioside (p=0.0001), and higher serum activation of CaMKII activity (p<0.0001) in a human neuronal cell line compared with healthy controls. DISCUSSION We had mostly the older patients who have a repeated treatment history with no response, that’s why they were referred from the different consultants, especially, among the physicians. As these patients who had already visited a number of consultants, including the psychiatrists, were heavily investigated and even treated by the ECTs but with no response.. Those patients, whether treated heavily with an antipsychotic or with add on in low doses or high doses of serotonergic drugs, or both of which drugs found to be counterproductive. (It was the authors personal observation was that the either add on or the full doses treatment was counterproductive as we have seen in our many study cases. Keys Words. Psychiatric,Anti-streptococcus ,Obsessive compulsive disorder ,chronic history ,symptomatic patients

Lack of Confidence in Females while playing Computer GamesPDF

Tabeer Maajid,Wajeeha Khalil

In the current era, the emergence and expansion of digital technologies has enhanced the knowledge, connectivity, and familiarity for the users. Technology has no bounds for males or females but the later have avoided it whereas the former have adopted it. The numbers revealed by National Institute of statistics show that 60.3% of people aged from 16 to 74 use minimum possible computer technology. In this number there is a greater percentage of males. This is because the females do not adopt new technologies as they are discouraged, and this results in lowering their confidence levels as far as adoption and utilization of technology is concerned. This is most seen in developing countries where women are still not considered as a free entity of society. In this research, the gaming sector is chosen on purpose to relate women behavior and confidence levels with the adoption of technology. The major focus of the research is to investigate the reason of lower confidence in females and their troublesome behavior. The research is confined to Pakistani females and the research paper shows the reasons of lack of their interest in technology and computer games. For this paper, qualitative and quantitative methods of research are incorporated. The sample size is 100 students taken from a university in Peshawar, Pakistan which consist of 50 males and 50 females. These students are from the age group of 17-18 years. The results of the research showed that girls with less or negligible experience were hesitant towards the computer games whereas the boys were quite comfortable with the setup. The female representation from computer science department was 10% whereas the boys were 22%. This shows that females are uncomfortable with computer games. The detailed results have been discussed under the section of results and discussions and the implications have been drawn out in conclusion.


Hafiz Ahmed Moeed bin Imran,Shabbir Hussain,Ahmed Husnain Makhdoom,Ashfaq Sans

Tax avoidance reduces the transfer to government from a shareholder is a traditional way to enhance the shareholders' value. The tax avoidance organization viewpoint proposes that entrepreneurial managers exploit the obfuscator charge aversion nature to cover the lease extraction. I utilize a self-built opacity index and tax avoidance measures to break down the corporate transparency connection with tax avoidance to feature this conflict. In this review, I have discovered transparency firms that conceivably are less extreme organization issues and keep away from more tax avoidance comparative with opaque counterparts. The evaluated results suggest that managers are engaging with tax avoidance to enhance the wealth of shareholders. Further, I have distinguished that financial investors place a superior value on tax avoidance yet decline corporate opacity. Consistency exists on corporate transparency, monitoring administrative activities, and lightens the external financial investors' regard to hidden organization costs with charge tax avoidance.

The role of transshipment in a single-echelon and multi-retailer inventory system in a wholesale company in TunisiaPDF

Author: Elleuch fadoi: PHD in logistic and production Co- Author: Semi Boudabbous : professor in management

In this paper, we deal with the case of a network made up of a distribution center that supplies several retailers. We assume that the demand Di (i = 1, 2, 3) at site i follows a normal distribution with mean μ i and standard deviation σi (known). Retailers work together in the event of a shortage of inventory by shifting the necessary amount of transshipment to meet expected customer demand. The model is an extension of previous work by (Meissner and Rusyaeva (2016)) where transshipment between more than two retailers is permitted. Such an extension introduces an additional complicating element which is the strategy of lateral transfer of product in the following two situations: (1) when 'at least one retailer faces a shortage of stock at the end of a periodicity noted as "T When two or more other retailers have excess stock, (2) when two or more retailers are faced with insufficient stock and they request the missing quantity from only one retailer who has excess. The objective of this paper is to study the performance of a distribution system made up of a central warehouse and three retailers and to assess the collaboration both at the level of Average Global Profit and of the Average Global Desservice level.