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Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2021 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Analysis of Renewable Energy Penetration Impact in Power system and Recommendations for BangladeshPDF

Rokibul Hasan , Md. Akheruzzaman Chowdhury , Abdur Razzak Khan , Md. Roni Islam <

The aim of this thesis paper is to find the safe limit of penetrating renewable energy to the grid. For this purpose the effects of the renewable energy penetration to the grid is studied thoroughly. Also the different integration techniques for different kind of renewables are studied and the best suited technique for solar pv generator is picked which is “The Hybrid Power Plant” with the aid of power electronic devices. To perform analyses the “New England 39 Bus Test System” is chosen and by replacing the convenient fossil fuel generators by solar pv generators different penetration level is achieved. Four different penetration level namely 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% are modelled and then load flow studied are done. Later results are analysed thoroughly and the conclusion about the safe penetration limit is decided. Finally keeping in mind the upcoming renewable energy scenarios of Bangladesh all the estimate suggestions for a safe and sound renewable energy penetration are made. All the models of the test system are modelled in ETAP 16.0 and the load flow studies are done in the same program.

The role of Alternative Medicines in the treatment of patients: A sociological study in Bhopal City. MP, India.PDF

Fr. Shaji E

In this Paper an attempt has been made to understand and analyze the emerging trends in the use of Alternative Medicines in India ,particularly in the context of globalization. The Use of Alternative Medicines has been found in India for a long time. But how is it responding to the new challenges of globalization has also been one of the main objectives here. The paper is divided into six parts like the following. (i) introduction;(2)professionals understanding of Alternative Medicines;(iii) the use of alternative Medicines by the patients:an analysis;(iv) mechanisms to build up social supporting during illness;(v)the impact of globalization reconsidered;(vi) conclusion. The study has been conducted in two hospitals of Bhopal, which is a capital city of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. An empirical study of patients(n=300)using alternative medicines has been conducted in the two hospitals of Bhopal. It is an exploratory study;an interviiew-schedule has been administered to generate the primary data. These data have been explained by using 3-point and 5-point scales. The main findings of the research include like;(i) there has been a significant rise among the patients to go for alternative medicines;(ii) in the era of globalization the family structure in undergoing a change; and(iii) the patients have devised some new mechanisms to develop social support system during their illness.