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Volume 9, Issue 11, November 2021 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Comparitive Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for Stock Market PredictionPDF

Mitali Gadiya, Utkarsh Pathak , Venu Sonavane , Suyash Musale

An attempt to determine the future of a particular stock is known as Stock Market Prediction. The ever-increasing number of variations in stock market parameters has made prediction complicated. So, to overcome this issue various machine learning algorithms are used to create relations in the not so obvious trends found in stock market for predicting future of stock market. For stock market prediction, the paper explores four machine learning techniques: Support Vector Machine (SVM), Random Forest (RF), Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), and Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The Random Forest Algorithm has higher accuracy than the other algorithms.

The Effect of Government Responses on Consumer Behavior During The COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of the Grocery Industry in KuwaitPDF

Ahmad Ali Al-Harbi

This academic research investigates and analyses the impact of Kuwait government responses on consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study will explore how these measures have impacted the psychological factors of consumer behaviour by distributing a questionnaire to the population in Kuwait and conducting seven interviews with the management of the grocery’s stores to have a comprehensive resultant from the consumers and the retail management.

Factors Affecting Learners’ Inaccurate Simple Sentence Structure Writing: Case of Nampula Secondary School, Grade 12PDF


This paper is a research on “Factors Affecting Learners’ Inaccurate Simple Sentence Structure Writing. This study was conducted at Nampula Secondary School, grade 12. The main objective of this study is to find out the factors affecting learners’ inaccurate simple sentence structure writing. To achieve the objective, four instruments of data collection were used which are interview, observation, tests and documents analysis, and 87 participants were involved of which 2 teachers of English and 85 students of four streams of grade 12, 40 female and 45 male. The study employed pragmatic paradigm and mixed approaches, the combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches for data analysis. The researcher observed lessons to find out how teachers deal with simple sentence structure writing, that is activities, correction, motivation and feedback. In addition to, both students and teachers were interviewed. After all, students were administrated tests to find out the types of simple sentences structures they understand. The results of the study demonstrate that the main factors affecting inaccurate simple sentence structure writing are: lack of knowledge, lack of exposure and lack of motivation on simple sentence structure writing. Therefore, Teachers ignore to teach simple sentence structure, consequently they do not give activities to the students to practice inside as well as outside the school and they do not motivate them to improve it. Thus, among the recommendation given are: Dynamism about adapting topics to cover students’ need, exposure to English inside and outside the school and promotion of workshops and seminars for the teachers from different schools to discuss methods and procedures to teach the language skills effectively.

To find the presence of or the percentage of Anti-streptococcus antibodies in Obsessive compulsive disordered symptomatic patients who have The chronic mild fever history and to compare their various variables with their causation.PDF

Dr, Mohammad Umar Marri, Dr Jalal-udin-romi Dr Shoib Kashani,

Abstract, Back Ground; Generally the Streptococcus Group A beta hemolyticus infection can causes a number of infections by different kinds of the pathogenic mechanisms in general population, ranging anywhere from it’s direct involvement of streptococcal skin infections to the Rheumatic valveoler heart diseases up to the brain damage such as encephalitis and PANDAS, Aim. patients who have the ocd syptomomic and history of low grade fever, in the presence of with or without any obvious causes, or if any cause found, after treating it, and both, after their general physical and systemic examinations included in this study. Results. Out of the 100 cases examined the 57%OCD case of found positive (means more than 200 iu is set for positive result.) For the presence of the streptococcal antibodies.(16) No sign cant p value relation/.while by others see below as But of 311 individuals, 222 (71%) had evidence of group A streptococcal infection, which was associated with tics and/or OCD status (p=0.0087). Sera from individuals with tics and/or OCD (n=261) had evidence of elevated serum IgG antibodies against human D1R (p<0.0001) and lysoganglioside (p=0.0001), and higher serum activation of CaMKII activity (p<0.0001) in a human neuronal cell line compared with healthy controls. DISCUSSION We had mostly the older patients who have a repeated treatment history with no response, that’s why they were referred from the different consultants, especially, among the physicians. As these patients who had already visited a number of consultants, including the psychiatrists, were heavily investigated and even treated by the ECTs but with no response.. Those patients, whether treated heavily with an antipsychotic or with add on in low doses or high doses of serotonergic drugs, or both of which drugs found to be counterproductive. (It was the authors personal observation was that the either add on or the full doses treatment was counterproductive as we have seen in our many study cases. Keys Words. Psychiatric,Anti-streptococcus ,Obsessive compulsive disorder , chronic history, symptomatic patients