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Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2020 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

e-health System Security Issues and Block chain technology in KenyaPDF

Caroline Boore, Muranga.Njihia, XN Iraki,Vera Obonyo,VM Mutiso

The adoption of e-health is, amongst other things, seen as potential leverage in responding to problems concerning the healthcare sector globally. Technological advancements have accelerated the deployment of ehealth systems with the potential to enhance productivity, lower costs, reduce medication errors, and ease the manpower strain on the healthcare industry. Faced by a confluence of onerous challenges including escalating healthcare costs, ageing populations and the advance of technology as well as the need to provide effective and efficient healthcare services, developing countries today are turning to ehealth as the silver bullet or panacea. However, despite the significant investments made, to date, many of these e-health solutions have yet to prove their success. Interoperability and security of ehealth systems are cited as some of the challenges in regard to the usage of the systems. By analyzing existing literature using scoping review research approach this paper explored the potential use of blockchain technology in improving the security and interoperability of ehealth systems for the benefit of different stakeholders in the healthcare sector in developing countries such as Kenya. To achieve our main objective, five databases were searched and 184 papers screened for inclusion. As a result of the search and screen process, we identified 23 relevant articles. Keywords: Blockchain, ehealth, Interoperability, Security

Effects of Extra Class Activities on Students’ Language-Listening and Speaking SkillsPDF

Sisay Ayalew

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of extra class activities in improving students’ language-listening and speaking skills. It also aimed at identifying effective extra class activities to develop students’ skills. Forty students were selected using simple random sampling. The students divided in to experimental and control group. The former received the treatment (extra class activities), whereas the latter did not receive the treatment. Experimental research design was employed for the study which was mainly quantitative over qualitative techniques for triangulation purposes. The results were analyzed using independent and paired samples t-test. Questionnaires and focus group discussion also used as supplementary data collecting tools. Therefore, the qualitative data were analyzed through qualitative (Latent) content analysis. The results indicated that the students in the experimental group outperformed the students in the control group in their overall listening and speaking skills ability. The result from questionnaire, interview, and focused group discussions showed that the students have positive attitudes towards the extra class activities though there were no such activity programs in the school.

Some Results of The Cyclic Decomposition of The Rational Valued Character Table of Some Finite GroupsPDF

Dunya Mohamed Hameed

The destination of this labor's is to present and study the cyclic decomposition of the rational-valued character schedule matrix of some finite groups which are ( Z_st , Z_str , Z×C_2and Z_str×C_2),where s>t>r>2 are distinct prime numbers .

Some Types of contra τ*-G-Closed MapsPDF

Maysaa Zaki Salman and Dunya Mohamed Hameed

This article introduces new contra closed maps kind called (contra τ*-G-closed map , contra - ( τ*- G , g) - closed map and contra τ*-G*-closed map) in topological space and we give the relation among them . Also , several properties of these maps are proved.

Comparative Analysis of assessment Practices of Teachers in two Asian Countries: (A guide of Professional Development Program)PDF

Waqas Ahmad Khan

The internationalization of education brings to fore the integration of an international/intercultural dimension into the teaching, research and service functions of higher education institutions (HEIs). In view of this growing trend in higher education, this study looked into the assessment standards and system in HEIs that influence assessment system at the school level. Specifically, this study examined the assessment practices of public school teachers in two Asian countries. It looked into the similarities and differences in the assessment practices of 103 middle school teachers, teaching in selected schools in Pakistan and Philippines. It determined relationships between assessment practices and preserved and in-service training on educational measurement of teachers in each country. Data were analyzed based on three themes: provision of learning scaffolds in a learning environment when assessment is given; employment of variety of forms of assessment; and alignment of assessment procedures with content delivery to achieve quality instruction. Mean, standard deviation, crosstabs and Chi-Square were used to analyze the data. The results provided fresh perspectives on the implementation of teacher professional development programs in the light of the internationalization of higher education and the recently revised preserved/in-service curriculum of Pakistan.

Ethnobotanical survey and chemical screening of some medicinal plants used to treat gastritis in Lubumbashi, DRCPDF

Maloba Mwinensenge James, Muyumba Nonga Welcome, Kasanya Kalenga Julien, Mutombo Shakalenga Cédric, Mbayo Kitambala Marsy and Ngoy Kihuya Édouard

Preliminary ethnobotanical survey and chemical screening of some medicinal plants used in Lubumbashi to treat gastritis were conducted. The medicinal plants documented were identified botanically and ranked based on Informant frequency of citation. This study has identified fourteen medicinal plants used by the folk medicine practitioners for the treatment of gastritis. Seven top rank plants were then selected and screened for acute toxicity and chemical constituents.

Survey on Economic Indicators Prediction using Artificial Intelligence TechniquesPDF

Ahmed Nabil1, Khaled M. Metwally2, El-Henawy I.M.1

Popular macroeconomic indicators, especially Gross Domestic Product (GDP), inflation rate, currency exchange rate, and interest rate, are currently used in describing countries’ economic downturns and upturns. Decision-makers use these economic indicators to assess their countries’ economies’ growth. Moreover, these indicators’ impacts varies across countries and over time. Paying more attention to financial signs, i.e., economic indicators, can give an alert to decision-makers towards their country’s economy growing head. The main objective of this paper is to exploit the economic indicators as tools to decision-makers to assess their economic policies and evaluate their country’s eco-nomic growth behaviors. In this research, a survey will be conducted on the popular machine learning techniques that are used in predicting economic indicators and their impacts on the economic growth of different countries.