ISSN:2320-9151 Impact Factor:3.5

Volume 12, Issue 6, June 2024 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Steering Success: Navigating the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business Management for Vietnamese University GraduatesPDF

Cherry June Doronila Maridable

This study investigates the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on business management skills and career prospects among fresh graduates from universities in Vietnam. As AI technologies increasingly shape business operations, understanding their influence on the preparedness and employability of new graduates is critical. The research aims to assess AI knowledge and skills among these graduates, evaluate the integration of AI into business management curricula, and analyze the implications for their career trajectories. Using a mixed-methods approach, the study includes surveys of recent graduates, interviews with educators and industry professionals, and case studies of companies implementing AI in their business practices. The surveys provide quantitative data on graduates' AI competencies and their perceived relevance to the job market. Interviews offer qualitative insights into the effectiveness of current educational programs and the expectations of employers. Case studies highlight successful AI applications in Vietnamese businesses and the role of graduates in these implementations. Findings indicate a growing awareness of AI among graduates but also reveal gaps between academic knowledge and practical application. While Vietnamese universities are beginning to integrate AI into their business curricula, the extent and depth of AI education vary. Graduates with robust AI skills are more likely to secure desirable positions and advance quickly in their careers, reflecting a strong market demand for these competencies. Challenges identified include the fast-paced evolution of AI outstripping curriculum updates, a lack of experienced AI educators, and limited hands-on training opportunities. However, significant opportunities exist for enhancing AI education through stronger industry partnerships, internships, and continuous professional development programs. The study concludes with recommendations for universities to develop comprehensive AI curricula, for employers to invest in continuous AI training, and for policymakers to support initiatives promoting AI education and workforce readiness. Addressing these challenges and leveraging opportunities can better prepare Vietnamese graduates for the demands of an AI-driven business environment, contributing to a more competitive and innovative economy