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Volume 11, Issue 8, August 2023 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Evaluation on the mentoring program support factor in Tylers Evaluation Model to the pre-service teachers of the School of Education of Xavier UniversityPDF

Mobida, Fanny Mae G. and Low, Maria Theresa E.

The study delved into the evaluation of a three-year mentoring program of Xavier University at the School of Education using the Tylers Evaluation Model among the pre-service teachers of the School of Education which is a basis to pursue the mentoring program. The adoption of Tylers’ model is used to determine the objectives, identify experiences, organize experiences and evaluate effectiveness. This is a descriptive-evaluative research design using a quantitative technique. The evaluation model utilized is the Tyler model evaluation. Based on the results of the study, the variables of the study such as the evaluation rating of mentors resulted in superior and for the mentees strongly agree. The findings have shown that the mentors are aware of their responsibilities and the mentees agree to continue the program as it assists them holistically as preservice teachers. The investigators concluded and recommended that the program is effective to continue the program at the school of education as a support to the pre-service teachers with a favorable impact to the lives of the mentees.

A specific model using leaf detection in machine learning performs better than a deep learning model.PDF

Sivakumaran Sarvanan*(BSc (Hons) in Computer Science).

Many computer vision tasks rely on (deep) neural networks, and aim to predict on the image. However, not all tasks require a deep learning model. With a machine learning approach, we can aim to determine natural groups or clusters of images without being constrained to a fixed number of (learned) categories. how to pre-process images, extract features (PCA, HOG), and group images with high similarity taking into account the goodness of the clustering later classification K-NN regression machine learning algorithm to find the similarity image. I will demonstrate the clustering of the leave data set. In deep learning approaches certain data apply in dif erent models such as VGG16 and VGG19, Inception V3 and resnet152V2. Nowadays there are various pre-learned models for the classification tasks. The common theme is that all supervised models require a learning step where ground truth labels are used to learn the objects for the model. Some models can readily recognize hundreds of objects and this number is steadily increasing but the majority of domain-specific objects will likely remain unknown in pre-learned models. In such cases, the transition towards unsupervised clustering approaches seems inevitable. Building high-quality labeled datasets is a laborious task and favors the use of clustering approaches.

Effects of maternal employment on nutritional status of childrenPDF

Tasbeeha Nishat, Alizar Gill, Warda Nafees, Abra Peter

Sufficient nutrition is essential for early childhood to make sure healthy growth, proper organ formation, and function and for strong immune system, neurological and cognitive development. The main objective of the present study was to assess the effect of maternal employment on nutritional status among school going children in our society It was cross-sectional study. The data was collected to check the nutritional status of children of employed and un-employed mothers. The data was collected by self designed questionnaire. Clinical assessment includes checking for visible signs of nutritional deficiencies such as (a sign of wasting, which is loss of muscle and fat tissue as a result of low energy intake and/or nutrient loss from infection), hair loss, and changes in hair colour, eye colour, skin condition.Result show thatthe frequency of children of employed mothers was 47 and their percentage was 67.1 whereas the frequency of un-employed mothers was 23 and their percentage was 32.9. In the present study, an adverse effect of maternal labor market participation on the nutritional status of under-five children in South Asian countries was found. These findings could be helpful for policymakers in South Asian countries to adopt suitable policies to reduce malnutrition among children, especially for the children of employed mothers

Automatic Scientific Literature Gathering and Analysis from Textual Corpus using Web Scraping and Locality Sensitive HashingPDF

Asfndyar Ahmed , Dr.Abdus Salam

Scientific internet repositories are central cyber places where papers that are scholastic saved and maintained. Aided by the nature associated with the unstructured and information/metadata that is semi-structured these repositories, literary works analysis for scholar writing becomes a challenge State-of-the-art web scraping tools are capable of parsing HTML, XML and JSON files. Wrapper induction consists of three contributions. In web data processing wrapper is a program that extracts content from a source and translates it into a way of words. By using the supervised learning, the wrapper induction learns the info extraction rules from manually labeled training examples. Generally, the web data is scrapped utilizing HTTP links or through an updated web browser. Text similarity decides how adjacent two chunks of text are both in surface nearness and meaning. HLRT is intended a twin of finite state automata induction so as to create wrapper induction faster. Semantic and syntactic web scraping are the two categories of web scrapping techniques. The aim of this paper is to allow scrapers to automatically collect and analyze scientific literature using web scraping from research repositories and using the acquired data to discover most relevant research papers

Water Policy Analysis: Republican and Taliban periodPDF

Mohiden Farahmand

The research discuss on water policies in Afghanistan. This paper give a glance information on water resources in both surface and ground water. The method framework in Document Thematic and Statics Analysis, used both thematic analysis of qualitative and static approach of quantitative methods. The research include of 95 theme and 6 static data contain analysis of water policies in Afghanistan and show the differences of republic and Taliban periods. The research arguing about the water laws, policies, high policy maker attitudes, clean water access, water crisis, and water tension between Afghanistan and its neighbors.