ISSN:2320-9151 Impact Factor:3.5

Volume 11, Issue 11, November 2023 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Assessment of Quality Parameters in A Student PortalPDF

Ayshum Nadeem

1. Abstract: Popularity of learning management systems (LMS) has increased during pandemic of COVID-19. Higher education adopted this change and construction of LMS at various institutions grew rapidly. Student portal is a subset of learning management system with major focus on provision of student record maintenance facility in safe and secure environment. Authorized access is given to student portal so that student entire data including fee details, educational, and personal records can be managed irrespective of security threats. LMS provides wide variety of features for example uploading of course material in multiple forms (audio, video, textual ), student collaboration feature and much more hence security is biggest challenge in such sort of system. The focus of this research is Flex [1] a student portal implemented at all campuses of NUCES [2] Pakistan. The system[1] is equipped with basic functionality of data maintenance in safe environment. The objective of this research is evaluation of various quality attributes and their importance with respect to different roles present in system[1]. Literature review has been conducted and comparison between LMS like google classroom [9] and Flex [1] has been drawn. Several factors indicating need of student portals in recent era are observed. Another comparison made during this research include contrast between student portal implemented at various higher education institutions of Pakistan in order to note shortcoming of the respective system [1]. Questionnaire has been designed observing different quality characteristics and distributed among three target groups using email service [3]. Responses obtained by target groups are analyzed in the form of metrics and the required test applied for acceptance of hypothesis. Rejection of alternative hypothesis and acceptance of Null hypothesis has proved that Flex [1] is capable of meeting essential functionality expected by student portal. Some recommendations made are presented at the end of this research paper.