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Volume 11, Issue 10, October 2023 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Design and Implementation of a Simulation Tool for Solar Powered Electric VehiclePDF

Ruqia Fatima

Electric cars are becoming alternatives to combustion cars especially the “solar cars” which are becoming great interest for researchers. This paper is about mathematical modeling of different components of a solar powered electric car, using Simulink/MATLAB, to evaluate the characteristics of various components of the solar car and also the overall performance. The basic car components that are modelled are: solar panel, battery, traction motor, charge controller and speed controller. The models of all the system components are integrated together to represent a complete dynamic model of a solar car, which is tested for different environmental conditions.

Web Scraping for Scientific Discovery: Strategies for Secure Data Retrieval, Structured Transformation, and Relevant Content SelectionPDF

Asfandyar Ahmed , Muhammad Ayub Khan, Dr Atif Ishtiaq

This research article presents a comprehensive exploration of web scraping techniques for the automatic collection and analysis of scientific literature from prominent web repositories like Google Scholar. The primary objectives include transforming unstructured web data into a structured format, accommodating secure HTTPS and Ajax-enabled websites, and identifying best practices to by-pass security measures effectively. A key focus lies in employing a locality-sensitive hashing text similarity algorithm to discern the most pertinent research papers. By achieving these objectives collectively, this study offers valuable insights for researchers, librari-ans, and data enthusiasts seeking efficient methods to extract and curate relevant scholarly content from the web. These findings have significant implications in streamlining information retrieval processes and ensuring that researchers can access the most crucial literature in their respective fields while adhering to ethical and legal considerations.

A case study of Lean IT: Leading a Lean project in software development projectsPDF

Dorsaf Daldoul, Sahar Beji

Due to intense competition in the IT industry, service companies have been compelled to enhance the performance, durability, and stability of their operating systems. This paper focuses on two primary areas of investigation. The first area aims to identify the problem and deepen knowledge in the field of software development and Lean IT. This provides a foundation for observing and evaluating the performance of the case study company concerning the implementation of the Lean IT approach. The second area focuses on developing and implementing a waste identification and elimination tool, enabling the integration of Lean IT principles into the company's operational processes. This pro-ject represents the company's initial steps towards adopting the Lean approach.

The Development of ‘LokalMuna’ A Web Based Platform for Micro Local Food Businesses in San Pablo City, LagunaPDF

James Lauren C. Borja, Maricris V. Tuazon, Mark Andrew P. Poonin, Ronnel A. dela Cruz and Joanna E. de Torres

The project entitled ‘LokalMuna’ is a web-based online platform showcasing micro local food businesses residing in San Pablo City, Laguna. Established with the cooperation of Negosyo Center SPC, the study aims to help micro local food businesses in marketing their products online that are heavily affected by the pandemic. The system was developed using the Incremental Model which was divided into three main modules. These modules are based on the types of users of the system; the micro-local food business, customer, administrator and the new micro local food business. The system was tested using the Functionality and Browser Compatibility Testing together with Software Usability Management Inventory that consist of preliminary testing and final testing with the twenty-five (25) Non-IT respondents. In addition the system was also evaluated using an adaptation of ISO 25010 by ten (10) IT Experts and forty (40) Non-IT respondents. According to the results in the Non IT evaluation, the system got 4.29, meanwhile in IT Experts evaluation the system scored 4.61 signifying that the respondents agree that the system is functional, efficient, compatible, usable, reliable, secured and maintainable. In conclusion, the proponents were able to develop a web-based platform for the Negosyo Center SPC that is able to promote and highlight the micro local food businesses in San Pablo City, Laguna.


Ronnel A. dela Cruz, Winchell Ceazar R. Desamero

Based on the researchers’ observation, individuals function efficiently and effectively at different times of the day. And also, students’ learning can have based on several factors such as instructors’ mastery of the subject, students’ interest to the subject, class schedule, and the attendance in class of both the students and instructor. In this research, the researchers focused on the effect of learning based on their class schedule. Specifically, the study aims to: (1) To determine if there is a difference between students scheduled in the morning, midday and afternoon session in terms of their performance in the subject Object Oriented Programming; (2) to help the faculty in-charge in creating schedule for IT professional subjects for the next academic year based on the students’ performance; and (3) to document the findings and further analyze the performance of students between morning, midday and afternoon sessions. The participants in the study were students from the College of Computer Studies of Laguna State Polytechnic University – San Pablo City Campus taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology enrolled in the subject Object - Oriented Programming (107 students). The length of the study was done within two (2) semesters. In semester one (1), data was obtained from the instructors’ class record consisting of the students’ quizzes, recitation, project, attendance and final exam. Data gathered were from the records of the students having morning, midday and afternoon sessions. In semester two (2), assessment and analysis of the data gathered were conducted. An analysis of variance was used to test the significant difference in the general average among the three groups of respondents namely: morning, midday and afternoon session. The result revealed that there is significant difference among the means of the groups’ general averages. Based on the research findings, the students with afternoon schedule performed better in class compared to those with midday and morning session. And the worst time of the day to learn programming is morning. One recommendation that can be suggested is to schedule the programming courses in the afternoon, so that the students and the instructors can get the most out of each other.


Timothy R. Baldovino, Romar M. Doria, Lex Albert C. Nasayaw, Ronnel A. dela Cruz

The Web-based Tracking Management System for Hyeri Services is developed to help them provide real-time updates to the customers about their package that is consolidated. It also helps them to easily transact with the customers. Customers can use the website to check the services of Hyeri Services. They can avail of the service of consolidating packages through the website. They can easily track their boxes by entering the corresponding tracking number of their box. The project is developed using the agile model. It underwent different types of testing such as functionality testing, browser compatibility testing, and Software Usability Measurement Inventory (SUMI), where all the buttons are functioning properly, the website runs on the browser smoothly and respondents agreed that the way the system information is presented was clear and understandable and they can also act on the information provided by the software. It was also evaluated using ISO/IEC 25010 where the combined rating from IT and non-IT respondents is 4.56 which means it is functional, efficient, compatible, usable, reliable, secured, maintainable, and portable.

Advance Studies in Mathematical and Theoretical PhysicsPDF

Mr Shubham Verma

In this Research paper we will study: 1.Universe's Mystery At Quantum Level (Mystery of Quantum Mechanics) And Measurement Problem Solution In Quantum Mechanics, 2.Neutrino’s Mass Mystery And Their Role in Universe Evolution, 3.Dark Matter Mystery, 4.Cosmic Inflation And Dark Energy Mystery, 5.Complete Formula of Electromagnetic Force, 6.Fundamental Cause of Gravity, 7.Quantum Gravity, 8.Universe's Language(Technically), 9.Fundamental Constant's Mystery, 10.Cause of Low Entropy of Big Bang (Mystery of ‘Arrow of Time’), 11.The Horizon, The Flatness And The Monopole Problem Solution, 12.Baryon Asymmetry Problem Solution, 13.Parallel Universe's Mystery:

Development of Artificial Human Skin Substitute for Medical ResearchPDF

Khushboo Danish, Moatter Waqar, Dr Ahsan Ahmed Ursani, Dr Noor Ahmed sanbhal

Skin substitutes are necessary for the accountability of dreadful incidents in life. They are important for clinical use, particularly in the administration of intense wounds Moreover, Diabetes is a common disease, affecting 422 million people worldwide and causing 1.6 million deaths. requiring patients to administer doses orally or via insulin pen markers. Research aims to develop advanced drugs that can perform activity for the entire day, but this is difficult due to insulin's high molecular weight and long uptake time. Artificial skin substitutes are being developed to reduce animal rights violations in laboratories.. There are numerous skins substitutes available economically, each with specific purposes and skin qualities, for both dry and clammy skin conditions, with mechanical properties within the range of human skin. An artificial skin substitute based on polyurethane material is proposed, with a secondary goal of transdermal drug delivery based on substrate. Using various measurement and evaluation techniques, the surface, mechanical, and behavioral properties of the designed model would be focused to meet the actual skin model. The designed model would be the result of altered substrate ratios, soluble drugs, and materials. In any case, a significant disadvantage of these materials is that they are hydrophobic and incapable of absorbing adequate dampness to successfully mimic skin erosion conducts under changing ecological conditions. As a result, a water-permeable material capable of imitating human skin may be required.

Individual Income Tax Profile Maintenance System for BangladeshPDF

Mariam Barna, Sadia Afrin Shampa

A tax called an income tax is one that is levied against people or organizations (taxpayers) in relation to the income or profits they have made (often referred to as taxable income). In most cases, income tax is calculated as the sum of the tax rate and the amount of taxable income. The type of taxpayer and the type of income are two factors that can affect the tax rate.The purpose of this study is to build a system where the people of bangladesh maintain their tax profile including tax calculation, profile maintaining, savings documents etc.This system uses research done in light of the National Income Tax Returns 2022–2023 in its writing. Based on one's ability to pay, income tax is levied.The fundamental tenet of collecting income tax is "The more a taxpayer earns, the more he should pay." This website serves as a platform for users to compute their taxes, Any time the hard copy is lost.


AYAMOLOWO Oluwakemi, Awoniyi Samuel, Akinwale Jonathan

Research Background: Low savings in an economy could lead to ineffective mobilisation of funds for domestic investment and is the reason for developing countries heavy dependence on external borrowing for developmental and investment projects. One area that can serve as elevation in an economy is the agricultural sector; therefore, the need to evaluate the household savings of the rural farming households (since a great percentage of agricultural production depends on this category) is crucial for the increase in the future investments. Purpose of the Article: This study examined determinants of savings in Udu Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria. Method: The multi-stage sampling procedure was adopted to randomly select 120 rural farming households. Only 109 rural farming households' savers were used for the descriptive analysis. Data was collected using a well-structured questionnaire and analysed using descriptive statistics and a logistic regression model. Findings & Value: The results revealed that the mean age of the farmers was 44 years. Most (55.8%) were male with a mean household size of 10 persons and a mean annual income of ₦53,000 ($128.80). Rural farmers' identified savings purposes were children's school fees, debt defrayment, and emergencies. The 109 respondents who saved during the survey have an annual mean volume of savings of ₦17,000. The non-cash form was the most preferred form of saving by the farming households, and they were saved primarily for cooperatives. Educational level (negative), proximity to a bank, and farm size (both positive) are significant savings determinants among rural farming households. Therefore, enhancing their income and saving capacity requires improved access to land and education, especially lifelong learning, since most farmers are adults. In addition, financial institutions can embark on mobile banking to assist rural farmers in increasing their willingness and saving rate. Keywords: Determinants of Savings; Rural Farming Households.

Design of Multi-sensor Walking Aid for Blind PeoplePDF

Khushboo Danish, Zuha Aslam Baloch

The project describes the development of smart blind aid that is aimed to help visually impaired people leading a life without any assistance from others. This comprises of ultrasonic sensor to detect any obstacle, IR sensor to avoid any holes or pits , flame sensor to avoid any fire danger and water detector to avoid any water to avoid slipping in path. With this blind aid, a blind person can get alert through audio signal and vibration sense if any danger is detected through sensors. This project is proposed at initial model however the further changes are in progress to implement. The progress is expected to include RF transmitter module to locate the blind aid if gets lost / stolen from the user. In order to provide convenience to the family and acquaintances to the user, there would be implemented a feature of GPS modem to locate the user and send its live location alert to his family members. The prime purpose is to introduce it in market at an affordable price with quality features to meet the customer demand of every social class group

Effect of Peer Pressure on Mental Health of StudentsPDF

Khushboo Danish, Zuha Aslam Baloch , Jiya Lohana, Maryam Rajput

Peer pressure has a tremendous impact on an individual’s life by another individual. Positive peer pressure can be helpful for an individual to adopt good lifestyle, habits, and activities. Your peer can treat you effectively in a way to motivate you towards doing right and good things. Every human has variety in his behavior, like if we see a person around us is engaged in doing something for a good cause it would consequently leave a pleasant impression on one’s mind and personality. We went through many research papers to get an idea how actually other countries have peer pressure faced by their senior students, so we decided to provide that database that everyone must be looking for. We had a discussion on aspects to be covered in this survey. Our survey designing included two stages. Initial, we created a sampling plan. 310 students from universities of Pakistan participated in the survey. Our target were students, mostly between 18-25 years old. The survey was accessed by male and female students with a participation of 38% and 62%, respectively. It concluded that students actually experienced both positive and negative peer pressures. 21% students have experienced positive peer pressure whereas 24% marked negative peer and the 55% responses were in favor of equal peer pressure. The survey tells that positive peer pressure victims are (3%) less than negative peer pressure. We conducted an anonymous survey report to know the honest reviews of students.

Comparative Effects of Teachers Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles on Students’ Academic Achievement at school level in Khyber pakhtunkhawa PakistanPDF

Nazir Ahmad, Wajid Ali

This research aimed to exploring “Comparative Effects of Teachers Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles on Students’ Academic Achievement at school level in Khyber pakhtunkhawa Pakistan”. The objectives of the study were 1) To evaluate the transformational leadership style of male and female teachers in public schools; 2) To calculate difference in the transformational leadership style of male and female teachers in public schools; 3) To check the impact of transformational leadership style of public school teachers on the students’ academic achievement. Total Seven hypotheses were developed to achieve those objectives. Population of the study was teachers of public schools who teaching to class 10th students. Data was collected only from public schools which were affiliated with BISE Malakand. Questionnaire was used to get data from public school teachers. From the collected data the mean scores of the participants were compared. Statistical method of t-test and ANOVA were applied to calculate the difference and co-relation will be interpreted by using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). 0.05 was the significance level of SPSS and 3 was test value in this study. From the research it was concluded that, in the opinions of public school teachers there is no significance difference in their transformational and transactional leaderships. Also from the opinions of public school teachers about gender wise that there was no significance difference in their transformational and transactional leaderships. Furthermore it was concluded that from the opinions of public school teachers that there was no significance difference between transformation and transactional leaderships and students’ academic achievement. In public schools teachers may assign different project to improve their leadership skills. In different course like (B.Ed), (M.Ed) etc related to teaching not involved any leadership training, thus in leadership training courses may be included in curriculum. Since teacher leadership involved directly in the class, thus Ministry of Education may come up with effective ways to improve the teacher’s leadership skills. Teacher’s in-service programs may be conducted for the development leadership skills of teacher through proper training.

Does Human Security Matter? A Brief Conceptual SynopsisPDF

Muhammad Usman Darasa (PhD)

Human security, as a concept, is believed to provide a new way of thinking about the range of challenges the world faces in the 21st century and how the global community responds to them. However, it is divergently discussed in the fields of International Relations, Political Science, Military Science, and Security Studies. Its meaning might be more widely debated than agreed upon by scholars. For this reason, many security academics and researchers have developed new concepts to reduce conceptual ambiguity, such as collective security, regional security, and human security. Human security as a newly neologized concept of security means different things for different individuals, communities, and states. With this regard, two lines of conception and argumentation have been created about human security. The objective of this paper is therefore to discourse these lines of conceptions and arguments and critically reflect on how human security really matters as a concept. In so doing, the paper argues that the concept of human security is useful, and has potential as a new idea, a critical theory, a normative framework, and an operative policy document in contemporary security matters and threats.